Organic Soak Faith Serenity Soap Bar - 5 Oz.

This is an all natural vegan soap bar for sensitive skin types. Cold-processed with the finest ingredients, no preservatives, animal fats, parabens, detergents, phosphates, or sulfates.  Organic Soak is specifically designed for sensitive skin, with modern scents that are great for your skin and safe for the environment.  

Faith Serenity 

Get ZEN with Exfoliating sea salt, detoxifying seaweed, mint and oatmeal. 

Ingredients: saponified oils of olive, coconut, soybean, hemp, organic shea butter, water, fragrance oil, color micas, sea salt, seaweed, mint leaves, oatmeal.

This product is produced in New Jersey by Organic Soak

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Type: soap