LogJam Candle - 3.5 Oz.

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These 3.5 Oz candles are made in tribute to the quaint town of Ferndale Washington.  I chose a duck, because a duck seems to capture the colorful array of migratory birds that hang out around this area that is popular with hiking, fishing, and all sorts of outdoor activities.  

This is a soy candle with the scent of Pine, Cedar, Cypress and earthy scents to capture a proper log jam.  

Ferndale Washington was almost named "Jam" because it was close to a centuries old log jam that had a forest growing on top on the Nooksack River.  Instead a schoolteacher wanted to keep the town name quaint, and it was called Ferndale, because ferns grew near the old schoolhouse.  Eventually the log jam was dislodged.  

Why did I make this candle?  Because the residents of Ferndale MICHIGAN love when a Ferndale resident of Washington or California accidentally stumble upon our forums and chat with us, asking us for help to their local problems thinking we are their own local forum.  Once we become aware that they are not from our town, and they become aware as well, we tend to ask alot of our own questions:

1. Do you have a train that never seems to move and sits at the train signal forever?

2. Do you have an Arby's? Is the manager named Trish? 

3. Do you have a pizza restaurant that plays obnoxiously loud music until 2am with similarly obnoxious patrons?

4. Do loud noises annoy you? 

5. How do you get rid of your rat problem without harming wildlife or pets?

6. How many parking garages do you have?  Do people still park on the street?

7.  Do you have a dog?  What's their name?  

8. Do you blow your leaves into the streets?

We do wish they would stay awhile longer, but generally they leave too soon because of the honest mistake. 


 Made in small batches with Love in Ferndale Michigan 


Type: candle