Letter from Santa

Send us your child's Christmas list, and we will send a personalized return letter. 

The letter will include:

1. Official postage stamps on the red envelope from the North Pole (we discontinued the gold envelope)

2. A little brass key to hang on a doorknob for santa to get in.  

3. A little magic brass bell to hang on the Christmas Tree that Santa will ring when he is done putting gifts by the tree so he can move swiftly back to his sleigh. 

4. A picture of Marlin that Elf Anton had drawn.   

Marlin, the Good Dog Ambassador, will be taking all the good children's letters to Santa this year, and return with letters from Santa.  

*Ferndale Residents, we are coordinating a letter pickup date with The Patchwork Collective in which parents can bring their kids to get their letter, enjoy refreshments and snacks, and meet the Good Dog Ambassador.  Please stay tuned after ordering for date and time!  If you would like to back out of the event, just state so when ordering, you can always pick up for free and meet Marlin, or I can drop off and bring Marlin upon request.  If you dropped off the letter and Marlin was barking, please ignore...he is just doing what good dogs do, by pretending to be a terrorbark, and he puts on one really nice show!  He is really a snugglewoof.  


Parents: Copy the message below and fill in the blanks.  You can email a copy of your child's letter, along with the letter template to hello@theardenthabitat.com   

We will ship the letter, stamped envelope,key, bell and picture in a large manilla envelope.  All orders must be in by December 9th if you want this shipped in time.

Locals of Ferndale can pick up the letter or select local delivery.  

Santa letter

Dear ___________

I was so delighted to see Marlin came all the way to the North Pole with your letter in tow with all the other good little children’s letters! I made sure to give Marlin his favorite treat: Mrs Claus’ fresh baked peanut butter doggie treats. Marlin enjoyed these scrumptious snacks while he warmed his frosty paws by the fireplace, and Elf Anton drew a picture of Marlin - Elf Anton is so artistic! 

Looking over the year, I see that you were especially good with _________________
and ____________________.
Your ________ was so happy that you helped ____________ and you ____________. This thereby puts you on the ever wishful "Good List".
Our little elves are working hard to fulfill all of the wishes of the good children, however we may not be able to make everything on the list, which I am certain you understand completely. There are 2.2 billion children on this earth, and the elves are working overtime to make sure each child receives something special. We make sure to thoughtfully consider your needs. You are a very special child, _______. Your _________ is so grateful for you and so is your ___________. If there is any words of advice I can give, it would be, _____________________________.

Keep being a good child, the world needs you. I will pass this letter on to Marlin to carry back to (City), (State). I can’t wait to fly over and make my stop on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas,

North Pole Headquarters


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