Fabulous Bitch Candle - 3.5 Oz.

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These 3.5 Oz candles are made in tribute to my Fabulous city of Ferndale Michigan.

The scent is just like a Ferndale resident; Latte to start the day, Happy Hour starts somewhere...maybe now? We have to look our best, let's paint the town red, and when we head home, maybe we'll have a bonfire, with a nightcap.  We are in Fabulous Ferndale.  

Ferndale Michigan is the first city in Michigan to have an openly gay mayor in 2007, who also celebrated me when I finally got a job after the Great Recession in 2009 (Worst Hangover EVER).  Our city was a bedroom community for the autoworkers that worked at the Ford, GM and Chrysler plants.    Now, it is the party town with the laid back cool vibes for metro Detroiters to visit on the weekends.  We have 50 bars and restaurants within a 2 mile radius.  We don't like big chain restaurants, although we did allow Arby's after the Manager, Trish convinced us.   We ooze with sarcasm, Love and sincerity.  

Mantras to Live By:

1. I am the Architect Of My Life.  I Am Not The Architect Of Parking Garages, or OverPriced Housing.  

2. In My Town, I Am Enough.  

3. I am Brave. I Stand up for Myself.  I Also Stand Up For Others That Are Disadvantaged, Or Without a Voice, Including Animals.  

4. I Am Taking My Power Back, You Took It Without Permission, And You Cannot Borrow It.  Get Your Own.    

5. I Will Not Allow People Into My Life Who Dismiss Me.  My Views Are Just As Valid.  

Q: Will this Make Me Fabulous?

A: No, You Have To Work On Your Own Self Worth If You Want To Be A Fabulous Bitch.  This Candle May Only Plant That Seed, As Well As The Mantras Above.  Therapy, Self Help, Self Care, Reflection, Putting Yourself First.  Start There!  


Hand-poured in small batches in Ferndale Michigan. 

(Please note that This City and State is in the United States for anyone who is not familiar with geography)

*There is no Arby's in Ferndale Michigan.  

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