Essential Oil Deodorant Bars

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I love my deodorant creams, however they don’t always hold up in really hot weather, and I want to have an option for no containers.  These are packaged in vegetable based glassine wax bags that are biodegradable, and wrapped in brown butcher paper with no coating.  The only tape is one strip of recycled scotch tape to hold it all together.  

The deodorant bars are just like the cream, with the addition of beeswax, almond oil and vitamin e.  Just rub the bar under your arms like you would a regular deodorant.  You can store this in the glassine bag, or in your own container.  Keep it in your refrigerator on hot days, although it will be fine at room temperature of 75 degrees or less.  Do not leave in your car, as it will melt.  If camping, make sure to leave this in a well ventilated, and shaded area.  

Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, Shea butter, almond oil, arrowroot flour, baking soda, vitamin e, tea tree oil, and essential oils.  

Some people are sensitive to baking soda, if you break out in a rash, discontinue use.  


Type: Deodorant