Our Story

"Our goal is to work together to reduce our carbon footprint on this planet, not only for today, but for tomorrow as well.



Angeline Dixon - Visionary - Sole Proprietor

I spent 20 years in the airline and freight forwarding industry, with the last 8 years focused on helping small businesses grow by supplementing their departments, streamlining their processes and building partnerships worldwide. 2020 proved to be a challenging year, and with a job loss, social distancing, and state lockdowns, I had time to think about what I wanted for my future. I have always been passionate about environmental issues, human rights, and animal rights. I became a vegetarian in 2007 after doing a research paper on factory farms and the effects on the environment, and I hoped to convince my dying mother to switch to a vegetarian diet with organic dairy to help prolong her fast and short life.  I am quite the resilient warrior in the face of adversity having survived the Great Recession from the heart of the rust belt in 2007 and 2008.  I spent the better part of the last 13 years becoming mindful to learn how to do things from the ground up as our ancestors did not too long ago, such as making my own yogurt, breads and butters.  I have since retired from vegetarianism after 10 years, and now include fish in my diet, which I enjoy curing and smoking.  


Marlin Moss Dixon - Good Will Ambassador - Emotional Support
Marlin is a "Borador" - Border collie mix that was born around January 27th, 2018 in West Virginia along with 5 other siblings under very poor conditions.  He was rescued and sent up to Michigan and was soon adopted by Angeline.  Marlin enjoys a diet of homemade food that is prepared in large batches, and is the same quality that people would eat.  We believe dogs are one of our best allies and they deserve to eat the same quality food as any human would. Marlin’s diet is sourced from local farmers and small grocers in Angeline’s community.  He would be happy to know that humans are reducing their waste consumption because he enjoys hiking unlittered trails, sniffing fresh air, canoeing down lazy rivers packed full of native wildlife and swimming in the crisp blue Great Lakes.  His favorite animal is people, and he loves to give doggy hugs to just about everyone.  Marlin is named after Nemo's dad in "Finding Nemo".  

*The Ardent Habitat¬ģÔłŹ¬†offers reusable or biodegradable eco-friendly products for your home, and personal care.¬† Most products are sourced within the United States from small businesses that share the same values and concerns for the environment.¬† An effort is made to source U.S.A. made goods, however if a particular product is not made in the U.S.A., then it is sourced from fair trade and ethical producers¬†worldwide.¬† At times there will be no other option to source locally, or confirm a product is fair trade, however these are a very few select items that may come from China, being that they are the only producer of¬†these reusable goods. Please note that if you are in the European market, efforts are made to source from the European Union, however goods may come from the U.S.A. or under the same conditions as mentioned above. We make every effort to have our producers use sustainable packaging, and shipping materials.¬† ¬†