December 03, 2020

I make quite a few deodorant creams that last a comfortable 2 months.  I was nervous about switching from my regular Secret Clinical Strength because I was afraid I would be sweating and stinking to high heaven.  Totally not the case!  

Initially, I made the classic essential oil scents of jasmine, cedarwood, rose and rosemary, however, I am more into modern scents.  I still carry traditional scents that I call the "Renaissance Festival, Medieval" scents, however I like fresh, or fruity, or silky scents and my partner prefers modern masculine scents. 

So what is different? 

Its a cream, more like a very thick doughy type cream that you have to rub into your armpits.  It melts into your armpits and leaves no marks.  For the rest of the day, you have no worries of smells, or sweating.

I use natural ingredients that kill bacteria and prevent fungal growth. What don't I use?

Let me tell you:

Lavender:  I love lavender, it smells nice and is great to have dried or fresh by the bed, however, the last place anyone should ever put it is on their skin and in their armpits.  It is said to be an endocrine disruptor.  Hormone disruptor.  Especially in guys.  The best place for lavender is beside the bed or in a sachet.  I would recommend not to use this in diffusers, or lotions, soaps, or anything that absorbs into the skin, and limit how much you consume as tea or baked goods until there is more research.  

Triclosan - This is also an endocrine disruptor that mimics and interferes with hormone signals and is linked to breast cancer.  It is banned in hand soaps.  Check your deodorants to see if this is an ingredient.  If so, throw that sh*t out right now...

Phthalates - endocrine disruptor especially in males, linked to early onset puberty and later breast cancer in women (or men)

Parabens - Hormone Impersonator - mimics estrogen - linked to breast cancer (would also not be good for men)

Diethanolamine (DEA or DEA-Cetyle Phosphate) - Linked to Cancer

Aluminum - Linked to cell mutation and tumor growth 

Butane and Isobutane - Linked to cancer 

Check your deodorants, see what ingredients are on the back.  Not only is the plastic bad, but many of those ingredients can be bad as well.  

The ingredients I use in my deodorant creams are:

Coconut Oil - Inhibits Sweating, moisturizes

Shea Butter - Conditions Skin, Antifungal, 

Arrowroot Flour - absorbs wetness

Baking Soda - No aluminum and it is a myth that there is aluminum in baking soda, absorbs odors, 

Tea Trea Oil - Antimicrobial, kills bacteria and prevents fungal growth

All are safe, with baking soda being the only exception by possibly causing skin irritation to a very small group of people who should discontinue use if this occurs.  

If you decide to try out a natural deodorant, you may want to detox your armpits first by taking a cotton ball and apply apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or witch hazel to your armpits and let them air dry.  I jumped right in, and had no problems.  You can also do a clay mask, however if you are looking to save money, you can sweat it out for a week and let your pits be free.  

My cream is safe to use in those sweaty, or swampy, southerly regions.  

Tell me what you find In your cabinet, and know that I put all of the deodorants in the Winter Collection so you can take 15% off if you want to try something new.  





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