February 17, 2021

I have not changed out my closet, because I get the winter blues, however I promise I do change out my closet each season, and certainly will purge my closet of anything that I have not worn this coming spring.

At last, my closet is not what this topic is about however.  Have you heard the news?  Generation Z has called the Millennials "old" and skinny jeans are not "cool" anymore.  I laughed to myself, as I am a Generation X'er, cynical, sarcastic, maybe a bit macabre at times, and seeing this irony was a bit funny, since it was only 2 years ago that the phrase "Ok boomer" was being tossed around like a dodge ball at recess by the Millennials, and Generation X seemed to discreetly duck out of the hostile firestorm like we were Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink".  

Anyways, every 20 to 25 years, trends come back in style with their own twist, sometimes a blend of decades intertwine which, if my decades are accurate, this would mean that 1921 meets 1946 meets 1976 meets 1996.  You can get out your flapper dress, dark red lipstick, baby doll t-shirts, flannel and tune your guitar to drop D,  cause here comes Kurt, Courtney, and Gwen, and we are going to mosh and skank all night long.  That's the moral of the story.  Before you part your hair down the center and party like it’s 1999, I have more to tell you!

The fashion industry wants you to feel anxiety about your skinny jeans.  The economy is awful for everyone, but why must it always be at the expense of the environment? Buy more...buy more...buy more.  Where is my Prozac, Wynona?! 

The fashion industry wants you to forget about slow fashion, ethical fashion.

I want you to think about smart fashion that adapts to climate change. 

Ask yourself 

1. How many seasons does my area experience each year? 

2. Does my area get floods? mudslides? rockslides? 

3. Does my area get ice? blizzards?  snowstorms? 

4. Does my area get thunderstorms?  tornadoes?  Hurricanes?  

4. Has my area changed to get any extreme weather or natural disasters?  fires? volcanoes? earthquakes? polar vortexes?  droughts? locusts? ticks?  Thundersnow? 

If your region has experienced extreme weather, then maybe you shouldn't be worrying about the flare of your pant legs, but rather how warm your clothing is, if it wicks away moisture in humid weather, if its waterproof, protects you from the sun, mosquitoes or ticks, if your shoes have good traction or grip. 

I live in a state that has 4 seasons, and my clothing centers around comfort, and performance.  I used to wear the cute heels, however after experiencing the Great Detroit Flood 2014, I retired most of my heels, and invested in a sturdy pair of Kamik Rain Boots.  Canadian designed and made*.  Trust the Canadians, they know how to cope in extreme weather! 

Let's start a trend by reusing what we have instead of discarding it even when it is perfectly good.  What's vogue is seeing nature be unadulterated nature and not littered with fast fashion, plastic bags, bottles, vaping litter and other garbage - check out Don't Trash Mission Beach if you want to see how filthy and inconsiderate people can be to nature.  If skinny jeans are out, you can bust those seams and flare those jeans with your own two hands by needle and thread! 

Don't be the fashion victim - seriously, don't.  Wearing the wrong thing can literally get you killed with the extreme weather patterns we have going on.  Make your own fashion, and be smart.  Bring an umbrella, bring a snow scraper, put your sunscreen on, and check that weather channel!  


*Kamik makes some of their shoes in the USA, or Vietnam.  






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