Carbon Offset 2021

We want to thank our customers for supporting us in our second year of business. We calculated the costs of operating our business with shipping and overhead and purchased carbon offsets from Terrapass to invest in American renewable resources and jobs with renewable clean energy. We included a link to Terrapass so you can calculate your individual carbon footprint and donate to renewable American energy by purchasing carbon offsets. We also donated a percentage of our profits to Releaf Michigan, to help plant trees - their website states “For every four trees that die due to old age, disease or development, only one tree is typically replanted.Help us address the problem”.

We encourage you to donate to Releaf Michigan if you are a resident, or look for an environmental non-profit that is reforesting, or protecting your state or country.

Terrapass Individual Carbon Footprint Calculator

When does your journey start?

If you are living off grid, and produce your own goods, I am always open to bartering in lieu of money. If you see something you like, and have something in exchange, please contact me! All I ask is that you cover shipping and the tax involved to ship.

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